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Ecuador Missions Report 2020

Church Being Built in Ambato Ecuador

Church Being Built in Manta Ecuador

Ecuador Kid's Service

Ecuador Street Service


Ecuador Mission Report 2019

Pictures of the church in Ecuador being built.




Ecuador Mission Crusade Report
September 10-17, 2018
A great Harvest was reaped during this Mission Crusade and Leadership Training.
In the City of Manta Ecuador 162 People accepted Christ as their Savior! In this area the service was conducted in the Streets that were blocked off by the city officials.
This area had been the strong hold for a Violent Gang for several years. A large Platform with Sound and Lights were set up and Evangelist Reagan spoke about his personal
Testimony of deliverance from Drugs and Violence. The Theme of the Message was "The Party is Over" Its Time to get Real!

In Quito Ecuador the Message was Delivered in several different areas of the city with Great results! Over 200 people were converted with Over 50 people being filled with the Holy Spirit!

To God be the Glory!

Special thanks to all who make theses Mission trips Possible.

August 21--28- 2017

This Crusade was conducted with the Ministerial Association of Ambato Ecuador, and the Indian Federation for this area of Ecuador.
A citywide rally was held in the Downtown area of the city and a Prayer March was organized for all churches to walk and pray to the Crusade site which was three miles away.
Drama teams, Musicians, Children's ministry teams, Mime Teams, Clowns, Puppets, and many other ministries were involved in this Prayer Walk.
Before this Walk was over over the crowd was three miles long and the City Police department was stooping traffic for the people.
At the conclusion of the Walk two thousand people were fed a fresh cooked meal at the Tent Location. After this event we knew that all the city knew about the Crusade in the Giant Tent that would
seat Six Thousand people. Services were held for three nights with over Ten Thousand people attending! Training for Pastors and Leaders was provided in the Morning sessions. Two thousand Men and Women church leaders received great instruction and teaching from the American Team of Pastors and Teachers. The End results of the Crusade was over 500 people were Saved by the Grace of God!
The team of (17) people also completed the second level on a new Church of God in the City. Pastor Victor had been meeting in the basement of another church for several years. What a Joy to see this congregation now having their own facility! The team also ministered in (2) Prisons as well as ministering at (7) different Local churches. Spiritual and Benevolent ministry was provided to the group home for orphan Downs children that we have supported for many years. There is also a Drug rehab center now on this same property that we ministered to.
To God be all the Glory! for this wonderful Harvest in Ecuador!
Missionary/ Pastor Ronald Reagan


2016 Ecuador Mission Trip

September 2016 Manta Ecuador-- Earthquake Mission Team Lead by Ronald Reagan worked with Pastor Leonardo Chumo in rebuilding the School and Church which was severely damaged.
Seventeen people from the Meadow Church of God in Maryville Tennessee worked tirelessly on rebuilding block walls, hanging steel beams, stuccoing the finished walls, and numerous other jobs.
The team had a wonderful service with the local church people. There was rejoicing over the love and help during a difficult time when many had lost loved ones and family in the Terrible tragedy.
The city of Manta needs your prayers as they to recover from the Worst Earthquake to ever hit Ecuador.

September 2016 Ambato Ecuador-- The Indian work of this area was blessed by Reagan Ministries and partners with a new Tent which will serve several provinces among the Indian people.
This project was began in 2015 after a Crusade which could not contain the crowds that attended this meeting.
The President of the entire province asked brother Reagan to help them with this project.
The Tent is 80 feet wide and 160 feet long and will hold 8,000 people. The Governor of the State attended the dedication service and gave thanks for Reagan Ministries and all the years of Missionary service to Ecuador. In the Following Crusade services over 500 people came to salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. They will be much training and mentoring take place with this Tent.
It is a joy to see much Fruit coming from the 14 years of ministry in Ecuador.


2015 Ecuador Mission Trip A Great Success!!!

Two Separate Ecuador Crusades were conducted this past July!
Thousands gathered under the Huge Tent for the Indian Meeting and Leadership Training.
The open air Crusade in Downtown Ambato Ecuador was attended by 10,000 people!
Total spiritual results for these Events were 1,800 Saved! Hundreds were Filled with the Holy Ghost!
The Mayor of the city as well as many of the City officials attended this meeting.
A wonderful Covenant ceremony between the Spanish people and the Indigenous people was entered into with pledges by Leaders from both peoples that they are joining together as one people to serve the Lord and reach their country! To God be the Glory!
Reagan Ministries has worked in Ecuador for 14 years and this was a great Blessing to us.


Ecuador Crusade Experiences a Great Harvest of Souls!
During the Recent Crusade in Ambato Ecuador there were over 2,000 souls saved as the crowds reached 7,000 people in each service.  Many people testified to healing during this Evangelistic Crusade. 

Ecuador Indian Crusade 2007 Report
The Ecuador Indian Crusade and Pastors Conference was a great success!

Over 200 Pastors attended this conference, the theme for the training session was "The Jethro Principle" The Pastors wives were also deeply touched by the ministry classes.

The Huge tent that was used for the Nightly Crusade services was filled to overflowing capacity every service.

Five nations were represented in this crusade, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Chile, and North America. The services was Broadcast Live on high powered Radio to all these countries.

675 people accepted Christ as their Savior.

250 Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Many miracles of Healing were reported including one cripple man who was healed and run across the stage without his crutches.

Ecuador 2006 The Mi-Tambo Orphanage was blessed by a team of people who renovated an old unused building turning it into a nice unit to accommodate 15 more children.

To God be the Glory for all He has done.

Ecuador Mission Crusade Ambato Ecuador was a great Success!

Great things accomplished at Mi-Tambo Orphanage!

National Indian Convention for Ecuador

*THURSDAY Night Speaker Rev. Victor Pagan Church of God Superintendent of South America
* FRIDAY Night Speaker - Evangelist Ronald Reagan * Translator - Rev. Victor Pagan
*Saturday Night Speaker - Evangelist Ronald Reagan * Translator Guillermo Vasconaz

This was the first time the Indian Convention had been held in conjunction with a Crusade Meeting. The results were great!
The attendance was much larger, Thee large tents were set together and still there was not enough room. Thousands came each night. Standing for hours with no seats waiting for the preached word!

Over two thousand people came forward for prayer, Hundreds received Christ as Savior, over one Hundred were filled with the Holy Ghost, Many testified to Devine healings. To God be all the Glory!!

Special Thanks to all those who made this trip possible, your reward awaits you in Heaven.




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