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Reagan Ministries has been deeply involved in ministry to Ireland since 1998 working with Pastor Nick Park of The Solid Rock Church of God in Drogheda Ireland. The ministry has included local church revivals, outreach ministry, prison ministry, cross cultural ministry to the Romanians, the Nigerians, the Gypsy's and the Filipinos.

Brother Reagan has a deep love for Ireland, his ancestors originally came from Ireland.

Reagan Ministries took their first trip into Mexico in 1974. Through the years they have labored in Durango, Toreon, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Cozemel Island.

Working with Pastor Daniel Barientos they constructed a new church in Playa Del Carmen. While having street meetings over 100 people were saved, when they had no church to attend the team bought land, built the building and organized the Power House Church of God with 65 members.

A church was completed on Cozemel Island. Dozens were won to Christ in street ministry. Numerous crusades have been conducted there since the completion of the church.


Evangelist Reagan has been used of God in a mighty way in the country of India while preaching a crusade in Kerela State. Hindu fanatics tried to stop the preaching of God's word. Several sign gift miracles were seen around the field where the meeting was being held. Thousands came to Christ and a bible school was built on the location where the crusade was held.

Evangelist Reagan ministered in village after village with a loud speaker and hundreds came to Christ along the way.

Bahamas Island
Evangelist Reagan has conducted crusades on several of the Islands.

A tremendous Revival was experienced on the big island of Abaco, when he served as the Night Evangelist for the Church of God State Convention. He has conducted revivals at many of the local churches. Ministering to both the church and the community with his testimony.

Honduras Conference a great Success!

The recent Evangelistic Conference held in La Ceiba Honduras was a tremendous blessing to this area. People came from the Bay Islands as well as from the mountains around La Ceiba. The women were greatly blessed in the morning sessions. The building was not large enough to contain the crowds that came for the night services. Salvations, Holy Ghost Baptisms, Healings, and Rededications were witnessed in every service. This conference will have lasting results.
God powerfully used his servant Evangelist Ronald Reagan.

Reagan Ministries has been deeply involved in ministry to Israel since 1986. Giving help to Jewish people returning to their homeland as well as working with the Palestinian Christians.

A group sent in 1996 helped build the Church of God School in Aboud Israel.

Revivals have been conducted at churches on the Mount of Olives, as well as the Church of God in Aboud. Ministry has been given to the poor churches in Bethlehem.

Reagan Ministries has now been ministering to the people of Israel for 28 years.
God gave our team much favor as we were allowed to cross the security check points and enter the Little Village of Aboud that has been cut off from Jerusalem by the Wall that has been built by the Israelis for security. In the Village of Aboud we have a church and a school that is ministering to 82 children from 4 to 18 years of Age. We delivered much needed supplies that we brought from the US.
The Director of the School informed us we were the first American people they had seen in a year.

We also had a wonderful worship on the Mount of Olives at the Church of God.

Check our Calendar to see the dates of our annual trip to Israel. Evangelist Ronald Reagan has been Granted a Tour Guide License by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel after passing all test that were required.


Evangelist Reagan took a team to Kenya Africa where they joined with Overseer Fred Brannen and others to have crusades in and around Nairobi. God met with them in a wonderful way as hundreds were saved and many were healed by the Power of God.

All the pastors in the Nairobi area were given new bicycles by the team. You would have thought they were new cars by the reaction of the Ministers. What Joy!

Ministry was given to the local churches in training and equipping.

A special night on this trip Evangelist Reagan shared his testimony with a group of Massaii Tribe men. 25 of them accepted Christ.


Reagan Ministries has become involved in ministry to Ukraine.

Evangelist Reagan has spoken at several meetings in the city parks to thousands of people who gather to hear his testimony.

Hundreds have been saved during these meetings. Ministry has been given to the Home For Children in Slavansk where children are being housed and fed in an old military building bought by the Church of God in Slavansk.

We are praying we can do more.

We have traveled to Ecuador for many years and our achieves are so full we need you to view it as well as the Philippines on their own pages. Click the links to view these countries.


 Reagan Ministries

Mission Statement 

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.    Mark 16:15


The Reagan's have have ministered extensively in  Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri,  Mississippi, and New Mexico.

Reagan Ministries has partnered with numerous ministries across America.

Some of the most recent are...

T.B.N. Santa Anna, California Evangelist/Pastor Reagan has appeared on the Praise The Lord program several times.

Pacific Garden Mission Chicago, Illinois where Unshackled Radio Drama has produced Brother Reagan's Testimony and broadcast it around the world in several languages.

Sid Roth's Messianic Vision Brunswick, GA where Evangelist Reagan has been guest on both the television and radio ministries of Sid Roth's (Its Super Natural) program.  Evangelist Reagan carries a deep burden for the Jewish people.

Full Gospel Business Mens (Fellowship International) Evangelist Reagan has been used extensively by Full Gospel Businessmen across the USA and Canada. His testimony was featured in  a book written by Dr. Richard Kent of England.  Dr. Kent is a part of the Full Gospel Businessmen's International in Harlow, England.  The book was published by Harper-Collins Publishers in  1997 and was titled "The Final Frontier"

National Jail and Prison Ministry of the Church of God Cleveland, TN. Evangelist Reagan has been certified by the State of Tennessee Department of Correction as a Volunteer Chaplain.  This ministry has taken him behind the walls of several prisons, including the Maximum Security Prison in Dublin, Ireland.

Evangelism and Home Missions Board for the Church of God TN Pastor Reagan has been deeply involved in Evangelism and Home Missions in Tennessee for many years.

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