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Ecuador Mission Crusade Report

Ecuador September 2019

Manta Ecuador was the location for our most recent Mission work.
Bishop Leonardo Chumo the Regional Overseer for the Costal Region organized five different Evangelistic events for us across this area. The team served as altar workers when I gave the invitation each night. Hundreds of people attended these events. Each night dozens of them came forward to receive Christ as Savior. During that week over 200 people were saved. We traveled to the poorest area of that region where there is no Hospital, and no School. We provided Vitamins for hundreds of children and many pregnant women who were weak and Malnourished. This area touched our hearts deeply.

Since then land has been acquired and a church is being planted in that community.
At this time the Walls are up and ready for the Roof.
The 2020 trip will focus on helping to minister to that community and finish the church.
Things have been hard for this area since the Terrible Earthquake in 2016 that caused so much damage and killed thousands of people.

September 10-17, 2018
A great Harvest was reaped during this Mission Crusade and Leadership Training.
In the City of Manta Ecuador 162 People accepted Christ as their Savior! In this area the service was conducted in the Streets that were blocked off by the city officials.
This area had been the strong hold for a Violent Gang for several years. A large Platform with Sound and Lights were set up and Evangelist Reagan spoke about his personal
Testimony of deliverance from Drugs and Violence. The Theme of the Message was "The Party is Over" Its Time to get Real!

In Quito Ecuador the Message was Delivered in several different areas of the city with Great results! Over 200 people were converted with Over 50 people being filled with the Holy Spirit!

To God be the Glory!

Special thanks to all who make theses Mission trips Possible.


Ecuador Mission Crusade Report
August 21--28- 2017

This Crusade was conducted with the Ministerial Association of Ambato Ecuador, and the Indian Federation for this area of Ecuador.
A citywide rally was held in the Downtown area of the city and a Prayer March was organized for all churches to walk and pray to the Crusade site which was three miles away.
Drama teams, Musicians, Children's ministry teams, Mime Teams, Clowns, Puppets, and many other ministries were involved in this Prayer Walk.
Before this Walk was over over the crowd was three miles long and the City Police department was stooping traffic for the people.
At the conclusion of the Walk two thousand people were fed a fresh cooked meal at the Tent Location. After this event we knew that all the city knew about the Crusade in the Giant Tent that would
seat Six Thousand people. Services were held for three nights with over Ten Thousand people attending! Training for Pastors and Leaders was provided in the Morning sessions. Two thousand Men and Women church leaders received great instruction and teaching from the American Team of Pastors and Teachers. The End results of the Crusade was over 500 people were Saved by the Grace of God!
The team of (17) people also completed the second level on a new Church of God in the City. Pastor Victor had been meeting in the basement of another church for several years. What a Joy to see this congregation now having their own facility! The team also ministered in (2) Prisons as well as ministering at (7) different Local churches. Spiritual and Benevolent ministry was provided to the group home for orphan Downs children that we have supported for many years. There is also a Drug rehab center now on this same property that we ministered to.
To God be all the Glory! for this wonderful Harvest in Ecuador!
Missionary/ Pastor Ronald Reagan


2016 Ecuador Mission Trip

September 2016 Manta Ecuador-- Earthquake Mission Team Lead by Ronald Reagan worked with Pastor Leonardo Chumo in rebuilding the School and Church which was severely damaged.
Seventeen people from the Meadow Church of God in Maryville Tennessee worked tirelessly on rebuilding block walls, hanging steel beams, stuccoing the finished walls, and numerous other jobs.
The team had a wonderful service with the local church people. There was rejoicing over the love and help during a difficult time when many had lost loved ones and family in the Terrible tragedy.
The city of Manta needs your prayers as they to recover from the Worst Earthquake to ever hit Ecuador.

September 2016 Ambato Ecuador-- The Indian work of this area was blessed by Reagan Ministries and partners with a new Tent which will serve several provinces among the Indian people.
This project was began in 2015 after a Crusade which could not contain the crowds that attended this meeting.
The President of the entire province asked brother Reagan to help them with this project.
The Tent is 80 feet wide and 160 feet long and will hold 8,000 people. The Governor of the State attended the dedication service and gave thanks for Reagan Ministries and all the years of Missionary service to Ecuador. In the Following Crusade services over 500 people came to salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. They will be much training and mentoring take place with this Tent.
It is a joy to see much Fruit coming from the 14 years of ministry in Ecuador.

2015 Ecuador Mission Trip A Great Success!!!

Two Separate Ecuador Crusades were conducted this past July!
Thousands gathered under the Huge Tent for the Indian Meeting and Leadership Training.
The open air Crusade in Downtown Ambato Ecuador was attended by 10,000 people!
Total spiritual results for these Events were 1,800 Saved! Hundreds were Filled with the Holy Ghost!
The Mayor of the city as well as many of the City officials attended this meeting.
A wonderful Covenant ceremony between the Spanish people and the Indigenous people was entered into with pledges by Leaders from both peoples that they are joining together as one people to serve the Lord and reach their country! To God be the Glory!
Reagan Ministries has worked in Ecuador for 14 years and this was a great Blessing to us.


2014 Panama Mission Trip Great Success!

The recent Mission Trip to the Republic of Panama was filled with the Presence of Gods Spirit!
The building being used for the Event was filled to Capacity. After a time of Anointed Music Evangelist Reagan shared a Powerful Message from the Word of God. Only Eternity will tell the lives that were changed!
Working with Pastor Rubin Rios the church reached outside the Box and did a "Freedom Fellowship Breakfast"
A Restaurant facility was rented and a meal was served to over 100 unchurched people who had been given tickets for this Event.
 Reagan shared his personal Testimony.
At the conclusion he gave an invitation for them to receive Christ as personal Savior. The results were wonderful!
80 people prayed the sinners prayer and received Jesus Christ for the first time! The Elders of the Church were ready to start disciplining these new converts. To God be the Glory!

A tremendous Service was held at the Tabernacle of Faith Church which is the Largest Church of God in Panama.
Pastor Manuel Luiz asked Evangelist Reagan to share his Testimony there on Sunday Morning to a crowd of about 6000 people. The service was televised Across much of the World. Hundreds were saved and Filled with the Holy Spirit.
Team Ministers taught at the Local Seminary. The students were blessed and received greatly from the Teachers.
Some of the Team were invited into the Public school to share the Gospel with the Classes.

A hotel Banquet was rented and Nightly services were held with life changing results to many people.
Thank God for Hundreds of people who came to Christ on this Mission Trip.

2014 Ecuador Mission Trip Reaps a Bountiful Harvest!
In October of this year we traveled to Macas Ecuador to Minister to the Shuar Indians along the Amazon River.
Over 100 of the leaders were invited to a meal to hear the message of Evangelist Reagan and hear his desire to come to their area and have a Tent Crusade in 2015. The meeting went smoothly and we were invited to come for this Meeting.
The Shuar have never had a Crusade and we are very excited about this meeting next year.
We praying about building a church there to have a place for the converts after the Crusade. We can build a Basic Church building in that area for about $10,000 Pray with us for Gods will about this.

After leaving Macas with traveled by Bus through the Mountain to Ambato Ecuador where we did a Giant Tent Crusade with the Quechea Indians of the Tungurahua Province.
The Spirit of God drew Hundreds of them to receive Jesus of Christ into their Heart.
Training was given to the Church leaders in Morning classes on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry was also given to many orphan and Special needs children. Food supplies and School supplies were provided.
During this Mission Trip over 700 people were saved. To many to count were touched and filled with the Holy Spirit.
Praise God for The Harvest!!

*We are Praying over the Country of Columbia about an Evangelistic Invasion in 2015.
We now have a prayer team that have been praying for 17 months over these Mission trips. They are crying out for the Harvest!!



Ecuador Crusade 2013 was Great success!
God moved in a mighty way in the Inner City Coliseum of Guayaquil Ecuador in the Month of October as Reagan Ministries Partnered with Dr. Darrell Bewley From Grace Point Church in Bristol Tn. A quality Time for Pastors and Leaders Training for the Entire Costal Region of Ecuador was experienced as 175 Pastors and Leaders were touched and inspired in the 4 sessions of Training they received from Dr. Bewley and Evangelist Reagan.
Crusade services were conducted in the evenings. City buses were used to transfer people to the Crusade services
God did many wonderful miracles of healing in the services. But the greatest of all were the almost 100 people who gave their hearts to Jesus Christ!

Canada Men's Conference was Home Run!
2013 Ontario Canada Men's Conference was an event filled with fire and power for deliverance.
Evangelist Ronald Reagan Teamed up with David Gosnell from Cleveland TN.
What a team to minister to the Men of Ontario! To God be the Glory!

2013 Toronto Canada Life Builders Men's Conference
11 Men Saved -Dozens Rededicate their Lives in a powerful Move of Gods Spirit.
Hosted by the Ontario Canada Church of God
Bishop Daniel Vassell

2013 New Jersey Life Builders Men's Conference
25 Men came forward when Evangelist Reagan gave the invitation after sharing his heart on the theme
"Any Man Can"
Hosted by the New Jersey Church of God
Bishop Steve Smith

Peru Mission Work (New Doors are opening)

2012 -Reagan Minstries entered into new Territory this year! Open air crusades were conducted in the dusty dry area around Lima Peru in several out lying cities.
Ministry was done in the worst maximum security prison in the country.
On the last night of the ministry trip Evangelist Reagan was invited to speak at the City Goverment office building.
The Mayor and all the city elders were present. The message that night was "At the Crossroads"
Many people testified that their city would never be the same after this service. 435 people came to Christ on this trip.

Brazil Mission Work (New Doors are Opening)

2012- Another new Territory invited us in this year! Pastor training and leadership work shops were conducted in SantaRem Brazil.
People came up and down the Amazon river in all kinds of boats. many walked to the open air tabernacle.
Overseer Francisco Silva stated that this the best attended conferance he had seen in his time in that area. over 100 leaders were baptized in the Holy Ghost! Dozens were saved from the extended church family.
To God be all the Glory!


IRELAND -- Missionary Evangelist Ronald Reagan recently led a missions trip to Ireland. He was accompanied by a team from Tennessee: worship leader Donnie Atkins from Athens, Rev. Allen Lee from Carnes, and lay minister Scott Stephens from Townsend.

The venue for this trip focused on Inner City Dublin, Ireland. The Solid Rock Church of God in Dublin and Pastor Emmanuel Might hosted the meeting. Ireland Overseer Nick Park also promoted the meeting and spoke in one of the services.

The theme was "A Fresh Start." The local church distributed thousands of flyers on the streets of Dublin inviting people to come to the meeting. The meeting was held in the "Old Distillery Building" in downtown Dublin! What a location for a "deliverance from addiction" service. People from 10 different nations attended the services. A local radio station picked up on the theme of the conference, and sent a man to cover the story. The radio station then invited Reagan to share on the air about his testimony. Several people were saved listening to the broadcast and came to the conference. A second radio station also invited Evangelist Reagan. This resulted in even more people coming to Jesus.

During the fourth night of the conference, 35 people came to Christ. Dozens were delivered from addictions and began a fresh start in life with Jesus Christ. Fifteen people testified to divine healings in their bodies.

Reagan spoke at the Solid Rock Church of God in Drogheda on Sunday morning. God did some amazing things in this meeting; our prayers and love are with the Irish people as they battle the same enemy we face in America.

Ronald Reagan
Missionary Evangelist

2011 - The largest Indian conferance we have experienced in the 10 years we have been coming to Ecuador happened on this trip. The Giant tents were not large enough as the crowds grew to 10,000 people by Friday night . The Message was Radioed broadcast on a high powered station that covered most of Ecuador.
Over 6,000 people were saved in this meeting. To God be the Glory!


India Crusade 2010 Praise be to God  5500 people accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and was saved.

Africa 2010 was a great success.  Here is a link to show you more from the Church of God website.  In total there were over 800 people who accepted Christ in the open air services. These people were assigned to one of 42 pastors who worked with me in planning this meeting. This was my third trip to Africa conducting crusades in Cameroon, Nairobi, and Kenya.

Thank your for your support and prayers.

Dublin Ireland -In a recent Revival Conference Evangelist Ronald Reagan was used of God to minister a powerful word to the Solid Rock Church of God in Inner City Dublin. During one service conviction was so strong a young woman ran from the building crying but kneeled down on the sidewalk and accepted Christ as her savior. She later called her brother in Nigeria who accepted Christ over the phone.
Evangelist Reagan also spoke at Mosney refugee camp to many people seeking religious freedom and citizenship in Ireland, several of these accepted Christ.
The Final service was in Drogheda Ireland at the Mother Church of God in Southern Ireland. The Senior pastor is Nick Park who also serves as the Church of God Overseer for Ireland. 

Rio-Bamba Ecuador - During a three night Crusade and Morning Pastor training under a large Tent stretched in the City of Rio-Bamba Ecuador and filled to capacity 700 people accepted Christ as their savior. The services were broadcast to thousands by live Radio.
The Friday night Service was Televised to the Nation of Ecuador.

Macas Ecuador -Evangelist Ronald Reagan preached in Macas Ecuador to the Shuar Indian People. Many were saved in these services in Areas where there is no Church. Reagan met with the Shuar Indian President of the Macas Amazon Region, and was presented with a spear of friendship. Plans are under way for larger ministry to the Shuar people.

Ambato Ecuador - Much work was completed at the Mi-Tambo Orphanage in Ambato Ecuador by the Mission team that traveled with Evangelist Reagan recently. # new roofs were put on buildings, 2 buildings were painted. Plumbing and Electrical work was also done. Before the team left the kids all received new clothes and shoes.

Chicago Illinois - Revival Fire  hit the New Life Christian Fellowship church on Sunday Morning as Evangelist Ronald Reagan shared his personal testimony with the hundreds of people who had gathered to hear this man from Tennessee.
20 people were saved on that Morning! Another service was planned for that night. The building filled again as the testimony was continued. At the conclusion of the message 5 more people came forward to accept Christ.
Pastor Nick Patakis has asked Evangelist Reagan to return to Chicago soon.

2010 -Santo Domingo Ecuador experienced a powerful move of God as Reagan Ministries Team ministered to hundreds of street children through the Manatiel Devita Church of God and Host Pastor Christian Roman. The nightly services in the church were packed to capacity and Large numbers of people accepted Christ as Savior. God blessed his church!

2009 - During a recent Crusade in Ecuador there were over 4,000 people saved. The attendance reached as high as 6,000 people in several of the services.
Many people testified to devine healing during this Crusade. Several street services were conducted for children in the cities.
The team did physical labor at one of the Orphanages in the area. Thank God for the harvest!

To God Be all the Glory!


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